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Looking For eCommerce Digital Agency in Philadelphia

As someone in an eCommerce business, it might be a little difficult to decide when it’s time to call in some experts.

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It can be a little confusing… Do you need an eCommerce digital agency? What can they do for me? What should I look for? How do I decide which one to go with? In this article I will give some simple tips to help you find the Ecommerce Digital Agency that will be right for you and your business.

How Can an Agency Help Me?
There’s a lot of ways an eCommerce digital agency can help you and your business! Agencies should specialize in a variety of different marketing strategies. For example, they should be able to help with your social media, email, and content marketing. They should also be able to improve your SEO, if yours is lacking. They can migrate your data from one platform to another so you don’t have to do that tedious work. Need a custom redesign of your website? They got you covered there as well. The platform you chose to set up your business doesn’t have a feature you need? They should be able to do custom development work to assist you there as well.

Are you just all around unsure as to what you need help with? Call the agency! Their account managers or sales team should be able to look at your website and tell you what they can do for you! They’re trying to win your business; they should be able to give you an idea of how they can help you if you are unsure.

When Looking For an eCommerce Digital Agency:
When you’re looking for an agency, the results can be a little overwhelming. There are a few key things I believe are important to look into. First, you should look for an agency that specializes. If an agency is good at what they do, they’re going to display that to you. Look around their website. Do they explain what they’re good at? Do they have testimonials to prove that they’re actually good at it? If you’re looking to do some design work for your eCommerce business, do they have a viewable portfolio? If yes, do you enjoy their designs? Do they show variety within their design results? You want to not only like your eCommerce site, but you also want to stand out. You don’t want another cookie cutter design; you want something original that reflects you and your business.

How To Choose:
So say you follow all these steps, and you have a couple of agencies in mind. There are a few factors you can look into to help you decide which eCommerce digital agency to choose. Do they have industry experience? You want to make sure you’re working with an agency that has proven results, and proof that those results are accurate and trending positively. Another thing to look into is their process. If you hire them on, they shouldn’t be secretly working. You want to know what to expect as you move along and forward, and not left in the dark just handing out your money. Lastly, make sure you get along! You are hiring this business to work with you. You want to make sure personalities mesh and that the whole experience is positive.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce digital agency who can do all of this and then some, look no further than 1Digital Agency. Feel free to reach out to them via email at, or call them toll free at 888-982-8269. They’re here to help you and your eCommerce business!

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